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 unban me...

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PostSubject: unban me...   Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:54 am

i was banned for making a scrim team with some regulars.

1. Which server were you banned from. We will have more in the future.

I was banned from office/dust 2 server

2. If you know who banned you, please inform us. It will definitelty help us.


3. Why you think you were banned.

I was getting a scrim together with a few regulars.

4. Your in game name, or the name used in our server.


5. And last, your steam id!

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PostSubject: Re: unban me...   Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:51 am

see my response to this here....

my "5:47pm" post. For the record.
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PostSubject: Reply   Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:28 pm


5. No mic/chat spamming. If players do spam, ask them not to. Second time, kick. 3rd time, ban for an hour.

Subject to this rule there was no warning given, therrin did not explain the rules AFTER he muted. Without warning.
After we got unmuted/gaged i respectivitly told him that in my opinion he could have handled it alot better by clearly explaining the rules and giving us a warning, i said i would have stopped if he had have done so and this whole suitation could have been avoided.

"Active clan recuiting" - constantly going back and forth between multipule servers asking people to join there "Clan" this continues over a peroid of days to months.

Sure we did the wrong and spammed mics abit. but again this could have been resolved, Therrin could haev muted us /gaged us and told us that you guys need to take this somewere else. I just got muted/gaged and nobody even told me why. personaly with all dew respect i find this as to be poor admin skills and a lack of communication.

As to do with the "NF" people i feel that it is unjust not to Punnish one of your own simply becuase they are apart of the clan.
If we got banned i see no reason why a person who had the same/more involvement in it as i did not get banned.

Comming back to the first rule.

5. No mic/chat spamming. If players do spam, ask them not to. Second time, kick. 3rd time, ban for an hour.

Therrin has clearly abused his admin powers and has not abided by the rules set on this very forum that i have personally read under rules/admin rules.

As shown above we were banned for "active rectuiting" and i have clearly explained that there is a HUGE difference between what we did ( simply asking people if they want to scrim" and Active recuiting (read above)

As i see it we were treated unfairly and the admin wasnt communicating well enough to resolve the problem, this shouldent be at our expence.

Thats another 3 very good players that play on your server HEAPS that wont be on there anymore and im sure awhole lot of people will miss us. HECK KUNI ALMOST GOT ADMIN.

As the rules of the internet state - SS OR IT DIDENT HAPPEN.

And if this doesnt resolve the problem i dont see what will. Mabye i will be forced to use drastic measures.
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PostSubject: Re: unban me...   Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:50 pm

it's not necessary to post the same points both in the reports section and the court section. You can use niffty stuff like links instead.

I posted my response under "reports" since I didnt know you copied most of your content here as well.
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Admin Manager
Admin Manager

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PostSubject: Re: unban me...   Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: unban me...   

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unban me...
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