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 odysseus app for admin

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PostSubject: odysseus app for admin   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:56 am

a few admins and nf members say's i should app for admin. and i shall.. if promoted to admin i will do my very best to espiecaly catch hackers.

1. On a scale of 1-10 how active would you consider yourself on the forums?

2. Why should we trust you in being a security officer?
this clan is my favorite, i always go to the server when i get a chance or go to forums for updates on whats going on. i have exp as a hacker long before i even started playing with you guys. i use to hack on all types of games. and i learned how to try and spot hackers. but now my hacking days are over. they have been over for about 1 year and a half now, even tho with my history of hacking i think i am right for this job since i have done so much to help prevent hackers being in the NF server.i have long since grown up from my hacking years. but please look past that.

3. Give us some examples of protecting the forums.
would make sure everything is in order both server and forums. spot hackers, no racist,disrespectfull remarks, mic spamming. or anything that would have to do with breaking the rules of NF

4. Have you broken any rules, or ever got banned from the forums?

5. If you were a security officer, and asked what do you do? What would you say?
protect server and forums from unwanted guess, or hackers.

General; get to know you

Name: Danny Bolander


Job(s): security guard at night's

Favorite Game(s): Counter Strike: Source, TF2,warhammer online.

Favorite Entertainment: CSS, listening to music,watching movies, and catching hackers =)
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odysseus app for admin
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