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 Court : Banned : Not sure who

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PostSubject: Re: Court : Banned : Not sure who   Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:06 pm

Demo 2: natural1.dem

Tick Rate - Time - Result/Findings

4700 - 00:47 - this is very suspicious to me, this particular scenario, bcuz he's going towards B, and he stopped and aim his AWP directly at lower tunns, without knowing someone is gonna be there. footsteps is not an issue, bcuz no one can hear that far.
14650 - 02:27 - crosshair is about 1-2inch off targets head but get a HS.
30000 - 05:17 - FAIL AT FLASHING
32550 - 05:26 - he walled someone thru mid DDoors. i can't see if the elbow showed up or not. but i guess this one is explainable.

That's it for the second demo. on the demo's, no signs of him aiming thru walls. he did a couple of prefires but all miss. the only one caught my attention is on tick 4700.


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PostSubject: Re: Court : Banned : Not sure who   Thu Sep 24, 2009 9:26 pm

Yesssssss! Now I can play when I am not working that is. Thanks Example. No hard feelings Therrin Very Happy Just doing your job!

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Court : Banned : Not sure who
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