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 Court System: ben

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ben #Precision


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PostSubject: Court System: ben   Sun Sep 20, 2009 3:30 am

Hey guys, I'm sure you have seen me on the server as either ben or ben #Precision. Ive been going tagless recently because i absolutely hate getting accused of ghosting. (Speaking of which lol, one of your admins has tried ghosting me on several occasions... but i wont say who, isn't that a 1-2 day ban?)

Anyways basically i got banned today for what i thought was team-killing someone who continuously attacked me on purpose (a |NF| member) , but "|NF| ez2fade #Precision" says that you guys are accusing me of aimbotting instead...

Honestly i don't really have that much to help out my case against people that i have never met, but here goes:

First off I'm a seven digit; a high as hell seven digit... but 1234567 none-the-less. That means that i have been cheat free for at least 5 years, yea you guys could say that there is a first time for everything, but this is all i got to help my case so every little bit helps...

Second as says; i have a decent amount of shit to lose on my account for resale value if i got vac tagged so i wouldn't want to risk it. I was thinking for a while of buying a 4 digit off ebay so that stuff like this wouldnt happen as often, but decided against it... (i used to be a lot better before my 2 year hiatus with my now ex girlfriend) that was back when i used to play in cal...season 6 i think it was.

Going off on a tangent here... i can guarantee you anyone that watches my demo and thinks im hacking has never played in a league because its really not all that impressive. After my hiatus and multiple cal teams falling apart i basically turned into a pubstar... just trying to get another team organized for eco that hopefully wont fall apart so we can start scrimming and i can finally get off pub servers. (you guys should seriously look into scrimming, its like 400 times more fun than just punching babies in the face on a pub. I have a server sitting on my desk next to me that just needs postage to ship to my friend at NAU for a 1000+ fps 100 tic 100% free server)

Anyways back to the point, banning me for hacking is basically saying that everysingle player in cal-im;cal-m;cal-i;cpl;cevo-a;cevo-m;cevo-p;twl-m; and any other leagues i forgot hacks. I could do okay in maybe cal-im and cevo-a id be happy if i pulled a 1-1 ratio, all the others forget it...they are way better than me

On my final note id love to leave you guys with some demos of people who are better than me who and for a fact do not hack: ?sharekey=f55cfcbacb067a71111096d429abd360e04e75f6e8ebb871
*edit*,,, match starts at tic 266000

Actually thats all i got lol; cuz the site that i get the cevo-p demos from isnt up right now and that was already on my computer Sad

*just watched my demo, love the absolute last thing in console typed by someone who knows me in real life*
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PostSubject: Re: Court System: ben   Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:55 pm

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Court System: ben
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