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 phoBia/Major glory admin app

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Major Glory
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Community Manager

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PostSubject: phoBia/Major glory admin app   Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:44 pm

1. On a scale of 1-10 how active would you consider yourself online (Playing CS:S)?
I play just about everyday usually anywhere from 3-10 on weekdays and anytime possible on weekends

2. Why should we trust you in being a Citizen Police?
I play on the server a lot, and am familiar with most of the people. I consider myself mature for my age at most times. I am an understanding person that would always like to hear both sides of the stories.

3. Give us some examples of protecting the server.
I would make sure no racism, hacking or disrespecting is going on in the server. If so i will ban/kick them and immediately report to a higher admin and/or on the forum. I won't let something slide just because i know them a little better or if they're my friend.

4. Have you broken any rules, or ever got banned from the server?
I disrespected pulse once by calling him a name, got banned for 1 day and greatly regret it.

5. If you were a Citizen Police, and asked what do you do? What would you say?
I would say I protect the server from rule breakers and keep the game going at a steady pace.
I also make sure every person is having fun

6. If I Seacrh for your Steam ID (ex. google, yahoo, etc.) would i find some Bans From Other Server? If Yes, Explain.!
Banned from a server for "Hacking" and a server they were partnered with banned me just in case.

General; Get To Know You

Name: Tyler Marttila

Age: 13

Job(s): N/A

Favorite Game(s): CSS, Maddens, NBA lives, L4D, skate 2 and the halo series

Favorite Entertainment: I skateboard and play sports with most of my time outside of video games.
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phoBia/Major glory admin app
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