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 app for sig/spray

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penguin steve


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PostSubject: app for sig/spray   Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:23 am

some of you said you dont want to be rude asking for one but dont worry. i love working on them. just fill out this info to help me make one that you like.

name: how your name will be typed, tags dont do well unless its on the keyboard
theme: it can be based of your name or something you would like
colors: 2-4 colors that you think go together but this is optional
picture: please go here and look for something. you dont have to register to surf but to get the image, you do. just send the link to me. these are really easy for me to use
ideas: anything else you want to list about what i could do. even if i dont follow them i can still try something based off of them. if you really want and idea used tell me
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app for sig/spray
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