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 Prime apps for security officer

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Prime Suspect


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PostSubject: Prime apps for security officer   Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:59 am

Security Officer Application

1. On a scale of 1-10 how active would you consider yourself on the forums?
I would rate myself 7-8. Alway checking up on latest comment/posting & some other stuff. Alway on the computer after a days work. Not so much of a blogger but sometimes I will if something needs to be resolve.

2. Why should we trust you in being a security officer?
I try to be discreet as much as possible, somethings are not to be brag about. Im a friendly person & alot... of patience to those people that are jerk & likes to cry & complain bout every single things.

3. Give us some examples of protecting the forums.
Well the forum is a place where people post there ideas, issues & complains etc. So try to resolve any issues & help out any troubled some person out there. Would bring more member, more bloggers & much appreciation to the forum.

4. Have you broken any rules, or ever got banned from the forums?
Never been ban... & I guess i will never ever be ban... I' a nice guy... JK Wink
5. If you were a security officer, and asked what do you do? What would you say?
What do i do in terms of work or in terms of being a Security officer? Anything that would make & run the forum/server smoothly. Resolve arguemant & help with any issues that come what may..

General; Get To Know You

Name: Ulysis Reed
Age: 28

Job(s): Lab Tech. for a Defense Contractor

Favorite Game(s): CSS, COD4 (Modern Warfare), COD5 (Worlds at War), etc... (first person shooting game or Co-op.)
Favorite Entertainment: Playing Basketball, Table Tennis & Tennis, Videogames, Read a few books here & there..., playing w/ my RC Trucks & Heli.

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Achilles Maximus

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PostSubject: Re: Prime apps for security officer   Fri Jan 23, 2009 10:32 am

Give me 1-2 days please.

Thank You
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Prime apps for security officer
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