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 Admin Director Position Open!

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PostSubject: Admin Director Position Open!   Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:38 pm

Dear Admin Managers,

We are looking for our best candidate, to take the roll of being an Admin Director. In order to apply for this position, and to be considered, you MUST meet all requirements!

Job Duties- The Admin Director, will be in charge of hiring/firing Admin Managers for the NF community. You must conduct meetings for the team, and update any new information for Management to follow.

You must attend meetings created by Management of NF, or Ownership. If you're given orders, you must acknowledge, and follow those orders. Time to time, you may be asked to go "Undercover" in our servers, to gather information on how Admins operate, and if violations are being made.

*Requirements Besides basic requirements, this position does require additional requirements. Remember, if you do not meet what's stated in here, do NOT post an application.

Must Be Active

Must Be Trustworthy

Must Be Cooperative

Must Be Prepared To Follow Orders

* Additional Requirements- You MUST have a minimum of 100 hours of game play in our servers. (We will check that information to verify.)

Must Know How to Record/View/Submit a DEMO (Wireframes, Tick, Etc.)

Must Be a NoobFusion Community Member.

Must Be Active on Forums.

Must be a Admin Manager a minimum of 3 months to apply!

We will NOT post decisions on this forum. If we need information, and/or send out a decision, it will be by email registered to the users account.

Pre-approved email? If you've received a pre-approval email for this position, that is good! You are being considered for this job. However, we will be requesting additional information/documents for verification purposes.

Thank you
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Admin Director Position Open!
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