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 Sorry I've been out for a while

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Achilles Maximus

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PostSubject: Sorry I've been out for a while   Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:15 pm

Hey guys,

Sorry I've been out for a while. I had another procedure for my back. If this one doesn't work, they are going to put a spinal stimulator in my spine. Spinal cord stimulation (SCS). In spinal cord stimulation, soft, thin wires with electrical leads on their tips are placed through a needle in the back near to the spinal column. The leads are placed through a needle inserted in the back (no incision is required). A small incision is then made and a tiny, programmable generator is placed in the upper buttock or abdomen (under the skin) which emits electrical currents to the spinal column.

If I haven't replied back to your email, do NOT worry as I am slowly but surely reading and responding back to everyone. If there are questions that can't be answered by me, I will direct them to Maxx or Inceptron at Frag Works gaming.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!
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Sorry I've been out for a while
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