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December, we will start doing events, giveaways, and contests! This is great for all our members, and everyone can participate. We will post on the forums later about this. We are excited to launch new servers such as zombie, and surf! To get the latest news, please check here:

Noobfusion is a community for the players, by the players. Our commitment is to provide a fun, enjoyable, and trusted gaming for all. Established and organized in 2008, we've been the leading gaming community in the West. One thing we are all dedicated to, is gaming. The key aspects that keeps our community strong, is great leadership, communication, dedication, and our welcoming staff. We currently operate 9 Counter Strike Global Offensive servers, and are looking to expand in divisions, and regions. We are here for you whenever, and wherever, you need us.

Check our new servers out, they're hot! New Gun game, and 24/7 server that maps can be chosen by a voting command.

Check out our new partners at we have merged, and have a successful and trustful connection with them. We thank each and everyone of them, for the ongoing and growing support of Noobfusion, Gaming.

New scrim team ahead! We are building our team, with our top players. To apply for a team, please visit

Open Positions: We are now accepting Admin applications, for level 1-3 Admins. To apply, please post your application, here:

We're preparing for another meet in Los Angeles! Come join us for a day of barbecue, beers, and a game of poker!

Server Rules- Hacking will NOT be tolerated on any Noobfusion server! You will be permanently banned. Racism such as religion, race, ethnicity, is NOT tolerated! Do NOT spawn camp past 1:30. Mic/chat spam is not allowed. No advertising on any Noobfusion servers. Respect Members and Admins! Please play responsibly, and make it a fun experience for you and all others.

Have questions or need assistance? Email us at Or call us Toll free (888) 685-6678

Our servers: To get a list of our servers, please visit this link:
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